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The book we are currently reviewing is Cake O'Clock by Rachel Black. You can buy her book on Amazon, just click on link below. You can also follow Rachel's ongoing story with us as she is now blogging her Tales from the Scales


What woman (& plenty of men) have not at one stage counted calories or at least made judgements based on the calories in a product? They are everywhere - on packaging, in recipes, the latest diets and magazines. For some food awareness may just be when they are setting out on a new diet plan but for others it can become a way of life.

In Cake O'Clock the author explains about the balancing act of checking her calorie intake. The reward and punishment based on 'good ' days v 'bad' days and that sinking feeling following a binge where the weight gain seems inevitable and all the weeks of dieting seem to have been for nothing .Rachel's frank and often amusing approach to her ongoing personal battle with weight gains and losses and reaching the end of a day without giving in to Cake O'Clock will be a story that many can relate to as they face their own daily 'cake ' moment be it wine, pizza, crisps or chocolate . Rachel is open about how she has succesfully beaten her 'wine' moments and her frustration at the ongoing battle in the yoyo world of weightloss. The book reflects the relationship many people have with food whether they have one stone to lose or twenty. Light hearted and at times very open - the authors personal journey with food will be one that many readers will relate to.



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