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We want this site to evolve into what people actually would like it to be. This is why we are seeking input from people who live with weight problems, so that they can contribute by way of putting forward stories, experiences or suggestions. Sharing your life will help others to appreciate that they are not alone in their struggle with weight.

If you want to make a difference and are interested in being involved we would be happy to hear from you.

Suggestions, ideas or comments on any area that you feel strongly about either good or bad - clothes, holidays, support, diet clubs, surgery, work, exercise etc.

Feedback on clothes shops is great - we want to know the best and what sizes they go to. Maybe writing a short summary about how weight has effected your life, eg when it started, how you have dealt with it, highs and lows and where you are now. Are you a compulsive eater - you are not alone, share how it has taken over your day - or maybe you have had help already.

Obesity is something that more people each day are having to live with and so help us to help you in getting the support and information YOU want.

Media Professionals

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Corporate & Medical

Business, Charity, Support Organisation, Researcher or Production Company. If you feel you want to be included on the site then contact us directly. We want to include as much information and advice as we can on all aspects of living with a weight problem.

Doctors & Surgeons- we hope you will be happy to share your knowledge to help others. Please let us know how you have seen obesity affect the health of your patients. Are you a specialist - what information and advice can you offer on surgery or any of the health issues - cancer - diabetes- heart disease ?

If you supply goods or services – clothes, furniture etc that you feel would be of interest to Big Matters then contact us.




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