Here we shall be addressing a whole range of issues that effect your everyday lives as well as feedback on the subjects you raise with us via email.

Trouble getting Insurance ? We know getting insurance can be a problem. The Insurance Company try to help those who may have struggled getting cover.

Here they give their comments on the services they can provide:

Who is The Insurance Surgery?

The Insurance Surgery is one of the UK’s leading Independent Insurance Advisors to clients with pre-existing medical conditions and has many years experience in finding competitive insurance for ‘bigger’ clients.

Are they an insurance company?

No, The Insurance Surgery are specialist Independent Financial Advisors who have researched the insurance markets to find competitive products for clients who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions. They can approach any insurance company to obtain you a competitive quotation for your personal circumstances. Their aim is to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your insurance needs.

I’ve been declined insurance because of my size, will The Insurance Surgery be able to offer cover?

Possibly…. The Insurance Surgery is regularly approached by clients who have been declined insurance by more than one insurance company. By using their expert knowledge of the insurance market The Insurance Surgery has often (but unfortunately not always) been able to find cover with an alternative provider.

For more information visit their site

Shopping online

We were interested to hear on television this month that people are finding that online supermarket shopping is helping them in the battle against weight loss. It seems that without the temptations of walking down the aisles and the waft of freshly baked bread that people were able to shop without giving in to so many treats and temptations. Perhaps online food shopping is the way forward but does the fact that it means we are staying at home more and therefore less active outweigh the benefits - please let us have you thoughts.


Change your lifestyle NLP and Life coaching experts, seminars to help control your weight and much more can be found on our Life Coach Pages.

If you are obese, work can present a variety of problems – not least from third party prejudice and self-confidence. If you have had difficulty in getting work, or keeping a job let us know – but also we want to share success stories from those who love their jobs and whose weight has never been an issue.


Daily living - it can cause problems with everything from chairs through towels to socks. We aim to bring you information on all good quality products as we get it and what to hear from you as to what you would like us to research or products that we could bring you to make your life easier. We will be adding more products to our range. At the present time you can find very large towels on our products page- great for the bath and beach.

If you are finding that your weight is getting you down make sure you seek help. Our helplines page can offer numbers giving a range of advice on everything from compulsive overeating to bullying. With more and more of the population of Britain now obese, you can be assured that you are not unique in your problem.



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