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Life Coaching, NLP and the acceptance of the idea that we are very much able to be more proactive in changing our lives to make us happier is now becoming widely accepted by individuals and business alike. Weight loss will be for many a part of it, but it also helps us look at our lives as a whole and allows us to decide on ways that might help us in creating a better life for ourselves, a lifestyle we want. Sometimes by addressing other areas of our life we will find that our focus on weight and food is shifted and this can in itself means that whilst we are taking steps to change one area problems such as weight loss, get dealt with as well.

Meet Richard Krijgsman, an experienced UK-based NLP trainer, coach, and hypnotherapist who works with individuals and companies in the UK and worldwide to generate positive change .

What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?
NLP explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).

It may sounds daunting but don't be intimidated by a name. Richard combines his experience in these fields to help you in achieving your goals. Richard will be bringing you regular articles as well as being available for personal consultations .

Richard has trained in NLP and Hypnosis since 1999 As well as individual consultations, he also runs seminars . If you wish to contact Richard , please email us and we will put you in touch. .For information on consultations or seminars please get in touch via us on and we will pass your contact details on to Richard.

I am offering an initial free 20 minute consultation to clients of Big Matters to discuss how NLP can help you address and solve whatever your challenges are. You can me via  

Now this may sound a little odd to some of you, but if you are currently “watching” your weight, who is actually doing the watching? Surely, if “you” are watching your weight then “you” must be someone other than your body, aren’t you? Yet, if I ask the questions:

Are you your body?
Are you your personality?
Are you your ideas?
Are you defined by the “things” you own

Most people’s off-the-cuff answer would probably be “yes”. After all, we live in a society where all these things are considered important. Certainly it can sometimes feel as if this is who we are. We often identify with our bodies, our personalities, our ideas and the things we own, and convince ourselves that this is who we are. And a part of our minds – our ego – is actually designed to do just that.

So when we look at ourselves in the mirror and think “Hmm, I could lose a few pounds” or “Hmm, I don’t like that hairstyle much” (you know the kind of thing I’m talking about!), we can fool ourselves into thinking that it is ourselves that we are talking about. Just think what it felt like when someone made a slightly disparaging remark about our looks or our clothes – we take it “personally” don’t we? We end up feeling bad about who we are because we mistakenly think the way we look is who we are.

If this were true, and you take this kind of thinking to its logical conclusion, life could go in one of two general directions:

Either, at one extreme, (and in our society, these are often considered the lucky ones) towards continuous self-pampering and beautification, celebrity, recognition for brilliance in some endeavour, or material abundance. More, more, more! Our life will be a great “success” (in other people’s eyes at least).

Or, at the other extreme, towards struggling with poor body image, low self esteem, lack of self-expression and a gnawing sense of material lack.

Pretty dismal prospect either way don’t you think?

But, if you think about it, you are always more than any of the things you can list about yourself. And if you added to the list and made it 20 ft long, you would still be more than the items on the list. There are two reasons for that. One is that there are things going on inside you of which you are not consciously aware, and the second is that “you” are not a “thing” at all!

So while our brains are still hurting, let me ask you a question:

“Who is aware of your body, your personality, your ideas, your actions and the things in your life?”

Surely if you can be aware of your body, be aware of your personality, be aware of things around you, you are separate from them, are you not? No longer identified, no longer at their mercy.

And if so, you can start to make some new decisions about what you want to create in your life.

Maybe the above just sounds like more intellectual stuff to file away. Maybe you haven’t really experienced what I am talking about. Or maybe you have a sense that there is some truth here. The beginning of a change for you.

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